DBT for Teens

In the DBT program here at Applied DBT Clinicians we are the only facility in San Diego that accepts insurance and follows the adherent DBT protocol as designed by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. Additionally, we are the only program that offers the complete DBT program. Our DBT program is a complete DBT program and requires a 6 month commitment to engage in the following treatment modalities:

DBT Multifamily skills training group meets every Monday or Wednesday for 2 hours. Adolescents are required to attend on a regular basis throughout the 6 month commitment and a parent is additionally required to attend to develop the DBT skills so that they can work more effectively together. Each week teen and family will be required to practice the skills taught in session and bring it back the next week to discuss their experience practicing the skill.

DBT Individual Psychotherapy are 60 minute sessions one time per week. In individual therapy the teen will be required to maintain a diary card throughout the week tracking his/her emotions, behaviors, urges and use of the skills. When a behavior has occurred or an urge arises we will complete a chain analysis together to identify the prompting event and what DBT skills could have been used and where in the chain they could be inserted in the future. Additionally, skills taught that week will be reviewed to ensure that he/she understands the skill and knows how to use it. Additionally, during individual session the teen will be coached on how to use accurate expression of his/her emotions and validation.

Emergency Skills Coaching is available by phone for a call that is less than 20 minute phone call. Throughout the 6 month commitment teens will be allowed to phone their individual therapist 24 hours 7 days a week for skills coaching in the event he/she feels that he/she is highly emotionally dysregulated and has the urge to engage in a behavior that is harmful to herself or others.

Family DBT Therapy one time per month. Family sessions will occur on average one time per month. However, the family will be offered support when necessary and can ask for assistance at any time during the Monday or Wednesday Skills Training Group, as there are always 2 therapists running the group minimally each week.